TD Box Mobile

The TDBox Mobile has a high quality and robust cover to enable safe and undamaged transport by car, airplane and other motilities. The location of the wheels supports easy storage of the box in car or other place. When walking, the bigger wheels are ideal for use on almost every surface while the three handles enable you to carry the box the way you want.

The TD Box Mobile contains the following layers:

Transparent cover plate:
To use when visibility is needed during a training or (animal) material needs to be covered. Brings hygienic benefits and is easy to clean.

Transparent cover plate

Dark cover plate:
To use when a dark situation has to be created to simulate the inner body. Has the same hygienic benefits as the transparent cover.

Dark cover plate

Metal plate:
This plate is especially designed to make an easy use of all mayor electrocautery brands possible (ERBE, BOWA, VALLEYLAB, etc). The plate contains a tenon to attach the electrocautery’s cable. Secondly the full surface of the metal plate can be used to fix a monopolar patient plate.

Metal plate

Clinical working area:
This is a multifunctional, safe and hygienic area designed for training. The working are contains two sides for entering endoscopes (depending on size), is very easy to clean and has a groove on the left side for the cable involved with electrocautery.

Clinical working area

The TD box contains two large depository parts for easy and safe transport of support materials. To maximize stability, a mat is added to avoid slipping during training.


Instructions for use

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Quick reference guide

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